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Hyperhidrosis or heavy sweating is a condition where one sweats excessively with no apparent explanation. Hyperhidrosis, which can be as a result of underlying medical issues, mostly leads to embarrassing moments especially if one is in a social gathering or public place. However, this should not be a cause of worry as there are a number of techniques to help prevent excessive sweating.


What Exactly Is Excessive Sweating?

Sweating is a normal body function where the body tries to cool down either due to environmental factors, undertaking an activity like exercising or even diet. Even though people will sweat differently, sweating more than others is perfectly normal.

However, sweating heavily with no reason can be a sign of hyperhidrosis. If someone is seated in a room with cool temperature, not eating any spicy foods or doing any physical activity, and yet they are sweating, then, they may be suffering from hyperhidrosis.

There are two types of excessive sweating; Localized Hyperhidrosis and Generalized Hyperhidrosis. Both these types are treatable.

Localized Hyperhidrosis

Localized hyperhidrosis affects around 3% of the population and mostly begins in childhood. One of the major causes of localized extreme sweating is primary focal hyperhidrosis. Primary focal hyperhidrosis is not a disease, but a condition in which one just sweats excessively.

The most common symptom of Primary focal hyperhidrosis is sweating occurs on specific areas of the body like underarms, head, feet, face, hands or groin. This sweating happens on all sides of the body (symmetrical sweating); both feet, both hands, both armpits etc. Asymmetrical sweating is when the sweating happens on only one side of the body like only sweating on one hand.

People with Primary focal hyperhidrosis are perfectly healthy and this condition does not increase the chances of them getting ill. The only problem faced by people suffering from this condition is embarrassment on a daily basis.

What is the main root cause of this excessive sweating? Even though researchers and experts are still not sure why this excessive sweating occurs, they believe that primary focal hyperhidrosis is caused as a result of minor malfunction of the nervous system. There is also some evidence, though not conclusive pointing that it could be genetic.

Generalized Hyperhidrosis

Generalized Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating that affects the entire body. Its main symptom is excessive sweating from all areas of the body and not just a specific area like underarms, hands or feet.

If someone notices that they are sweating heavily within a short time, this could be a clear sign that they me be suffering from secondary generalized hyperhidrosis. Secondary generalized hyperhidrosis is a more serious than primary focal hyperhidrosis as it is a result of an underlying health condition. Secondary generalized hyperhidrosis has several possible causes including different medical diseases and medications.

The easiest way to spot secondary generalized hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating when someone is asleep. This condition is referred to as night sweats. If someone wakes up on several occasions in cold sweat or finds their bedding damp as a result of sweating, they are likely suffering from secondary generalized hyperhidrosis. Some people may begin experiencing secondary generalized hyperhidrosis when they begin using certain drugs and medications.

Late onset secondary generalized hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating that develops in people in their later years. Primary focal hyperhidrosis, which is more common, mostly affects teenagers and adults

As long as one notices they are sweating excessively, and this is interfering with their daily routine, it is important to schedule an appointment with a doctor. Even if there are no noticeable symptoms, it is important to seek a doctor’s professional opinion. When going to see the doctor, one should carry all the medication they are currently using including supplements. The doctor will be able to run some tests to find out the reason behind the excessive sweating.

Hyperhidrosis can be treated in a several ways;

1. Using antiperspirants

2. Home Treatments

3. Medical Treatment Options


Using Antiperspirants

Using antiperspirants is an easy way to curb heavy sweating. This is because antiperspirants have aluminum salts that prevent sweating. When someone rolls antiperspirants on their skin, the aluminum salts in the antiperspirant will block any activation of sweating.

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Antiperspirants are easily available in over the counter stores, or by having one prescribed by a doctor. Over the counter antiperspirants have few side effects than those prescribed by a doctor. For those who find over the counter antiperspirants ineffective, it is advisable to see a dermatologist for a prescription.

Many antiperspirants have a deodorant, a substance which controls odor caused by sweating but does not in any way stop a person from sweating.

Antiperspirants can also be applied to other areas where sweating occurs like the feet, hands and even hairline. Even though most people just use antiperspirants in the morning, using it before going to sleep.


Using Home Treatments

While using antiperspirants or other recommended treatment methods by a medical practitioner, one can also use homemade solutions to prevent excessive sweating. Some of the home-based solutions include;

1. Not wearing heavy clothes like sweaters that trap sweat in clothing and in the body. People with excessive sweating are advised to wear light and breathable clothing, preferably cotton and silk.

2. Carrying an extra set of clothing when venturing outdoors or exercising.

3. Showing every day with antibacterial soap. This is important as antibacterial soap eliminates bacteria that causes odors. People doing this should ensure they are completely dry before using antiperspirant

4. People with excessive sweating should also use underarm liners and shoe inserts to absorb sweat. By absorbing sweat, it prevents sweat odor and also protects clothes from being ruined by sweat.


Medical Treatment Options

If antiperspirants and home based solutions have proven ineffective, dermatologists are likely to suggest one of the following four hyperhidrosis treatment options.


This treatment method is very effective in dealing with heavy sweating. For Iontophoresis, the patient will have their hands, feet or both in a tray with shallow water for about 20- 30 minutes.

While there, low electrical currents will be discharged through the water. Even though nobody knows why this method works, many experts believe it results in blocking sweat from reaching the surface of the skin. One has to undergo Iontophoresis several times before they completely stop. People who learn how to do Iontophoresis can buy their own machines to use at their homes. Some people using Iontophoresis only need a number of treatments every month for maintenance. Even though this treatment method is considered safe, it is not recommended for pregnant women, people suffering from epilepsy, cardiac conditions or those with metal implants or pacemakers. This is because Iontophoresis uses electrical currents.

For anyone planning to try Iontophoresis treatment, it is important to read our reviews of the different Iontophoresis brands including R.A Fischer, Hidrex, Electro Antiperspirant, Iontoderma and Idromed. Visit our review and comparison page here.


Injections of Botox

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Getting an injection of Botox is another effective treatment option for excessive sweating. The FDA has approved Botox injection as treatment for hyperhidrosis in the underarms. Some doctors even use this treatment for treating excessive sweating on hands and feet.

Botox works by inhibiting the release a chemical responsible for activating sweat glands. With several injections, patients will be able to have a one whole year of being sweat free.



This is another medical treatment option for people whose excessive sweating has still not been treated by either using Botox injection or through iontophoresis. In this treatment, a patient is given an oral anticholinergic which works by interfering with how the sweat glands operate. Even though this treatment method is effective, it can result in several side effects like blurred vision, heart palpitations and urinary problems.



This is the fourth treatment option for excessive sweating. Surgery is only recommended to hyperhidrosis patients with severe sweating and who have not responded to any of the above

surgical instruments

treatment methods. During surgery, plastic surgeons undertake a number of procedures, either scrapping, cutting out or suctioning the sweat glands. Other doctors perform another type of surgery, the endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS) which involves cutting the nerves in the armpits responsible for activating sweat glands. Even though this procedure is very effective, it should only be of last resort as it is permanent. One side effect that could occur to patients who have undergone an ETC procedure is compensatory sweating. This refers to sweating in another area of the body like the chest or face as a way to compensate lack of sweating through the armpits.


Excessive Sweating and Medical Problems

Sweating excessively causes a lot of embarrassing moments and inconvenience. In several cases, heavy sweating is a clear sign of an underlying medical problems like diabetes, thyroid problems or even an infection. Heavy sweating is also common in people who are obese or overweight. If anyone is worried about the amount of sweating they have, it is best to schedule a visit with a doctor so as to rule out any possibly that the sweating is as a result of an underlying medical problem.


Hyperhidrosis Treatment Options Compared

RankHyperhidrosis TreatmentRating


Efficency: (9/10)
Money for value: (10/10)
Side effects: (1/10)... .

Rated 5 stars


Efficency: (10/10)
Money for value: (4/10)
Side effects: (2/10)... .

Rated 3.5 stars

ETS Surgery

Efficency: (10/10)
Money for value: (8/10)
Side effects: (6/10)... .

Rated 3.5 stars


Efficency: (4/10)
Money for value: (8/10)
Side effects: (2/10)... .

Rated 3 stars


Efficency: (8/10)
Money for value: (6/10)
Side effects: (4/10)... .

Rated 3 stars


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